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    • Chicken Products made by Lithuanian Poultry Business Companies exported to 42 Countries 25.10.2017

      The production of Lithuanian poultry business companies is appealing not only in European and Scandinavian countries. At the beginning of this year, Lithuanian poultry business companies entered a new export market – Japan, to which the first shipment was dispatched in the summer. In October, poultry companies in Vilnius and Kaišiadorys belonging to the group of companies KG Group will dispatch the third shipment to this country.

    • Further Processed Products and Marinated Products factory attested with the „Higher Level“ in IFS Food certification 13.09.2017

      Further Processed Products and Marinated Products factory obtained term „Higher Level” from IFS Food Standard certification audit, version 6. The phrase „Higher Level” corresponds to a score above 95% IFS certification, one of the highest food safety standards that certifies product quality under strict European legislation. The IFS certification is granted after a process of internal auditing in order to attest the constancy of the finished product in terms of quality and safety for consumption.

    • KG Group Opened one of the most Modern Broiler Breeder Complex in Europe 08.09.2017

      The poultry business is one of the business directions being developed by the group of companies KG Group. To strengthen this area, the construction of a Broiler Breeding Complex, the most modern of its kind in the Baltic States and one of the most modern in Europe, was completed this year. During the implementation of the project, which lasted almost a year, five poultry houses with state-of-the-art breeding equipment and an administration-production unit were built, designed not only for personnel but also for further process and to ensure biosafety. The amount of investment in this complex has reached almost 5 million euro.