Social responsibility

 KG Group social responsibility areas

  • We take care of our company employees by providing them with appropriate working conditions and excellent development possibilities. The organisation believes that the company can only develop when its people develop. Believing in the benefits of feedback, the company creates conditions for its employees to develop and improve their qualifications by participating in outsourced courses, seminars, business trips, fairs, exhibitions and continuing their professional or management studies in the best universities of Lithuania.
  •  We actively participate in voluntary social initiatives supporting children’s and young people’s leisure time and sports as well as by providing support to various social groups (children’s foster homes, communities of disabled people, charity organisations, etc.)
  •  Taking care of the younger generation and sharing our professional experience with school children and students; we cooperate with academic institutions: our company employees study in educational establishments, we accept students to internships in our companies and later on employ some of them.
  • We support national and regional cultural events.
  • The company installs the latest technologies, equipment and various programmes to facilitate work, production and process execution. One of the main priorities of the company is to ensure the safety and health of our employees.
  • The companies of the KG Group are open for media representatives and provide information and answers to journalists’ questions on a regular basis, however, the communication is carried out according to established rules.
  • The company complies with all the existing environmental protection laws and regulations and continuously strives to reduce any negative impact on the environment. Seeking to contribute to environmental protection, the company encourages the use of cost effective work methods with a reduced impact on pollution.