About the business

The main activity is the production of incubated eggs, day-old chick hatching, rearing of broiler chickens and fresh meat processing.

Egg incubation

Parent flocks of the best ROSS-308 breeds are raised in Vilnius and Kaisiadorys poultry farms for egg production. The companies have 40 modern bird farms where breeder flocks are bred. In order to achieve the optimum performance, the following is ensured:

- Ventilation, feeding and watering is automated and meet the highest standards of animal farming.

- Feeds for chickens are properly balanced, and prepared in accordance with strict formulations.

During the year, the companies collect more than 60 million hatching eggs.

Day-old chick hatching

During one year Vilnius and Kaisiadorys poultry farms hatch over 48 million of broiler chickens. The company is equipped with “Petersime” incubation service stations for egg hatching. Later the eggs are transferred to the hatching cabinets, where the chickens hatch in three days. The entire process of incubation takes 21 day. Hatched chickens are sorted and vaccinated according to customers' requests, and sent to farms. During the year, 20% of day-old broiler chickens are exported abroad, 20% are sold to domestic farms and others are used in own production.

Broiler rearing

Poultry farms rear ROSS-308 brands of broiler chicken. Vilnius and Kaisiadorys poultry farms growing broiler chickens have all conditions for their natural and healthy growth. Following the European Union (EU) requirements, it is prohibited to grow broiler chickens in cages; broiler chickens are reared freely, on litter, to allow enough room to move.

Poultry houses are equipped with automated feeding and watering systems and ventilated premises. Balancing feed is prepared for chickens according to strict recipes.

Chicken broilers grow up within 40 days in poultry farms and poultry houses in remote locations. Feed rich in proteins, vitamins and beneficial trace and macro elements is balanced to the bird's age and weight. By applying intense but natural mode of production and using special diet, we guarantee that the consumers will enjoy a chicken product of a good composition and quality.

The annual production of Vilnius and Kaisiadorys poultry farms is more than 46 million broilers. Poultry processing factories use only the birds grown in the own farms and remote units.

Fresh meat processing

In total 11,000 chickens per hour are slaughtered in Vilnius and Kaisiadorys poultry farms; bird unloading process is fully automated. Vilnius and Kaisiadorys poultry slaughter and processing plant is equipped with modern Stork and Meyn processing lines.

The filleting line capacity is 9,000 breasts per hour. All fillets are calibrated by weight.

The company is equipped with modern and efficient flow type packaging lines, vertical packers, thermal packaging machines, and cup sealing lines. Production is packed into 3-4 million different packages per month.

Products are stored in modern storage facilities, where products are then selected by customer and logistics. More than 6000 tonnes of fresh and frozen products are sold during one month.

In 2012 KG Group has implemented modern technology in production facilities. This innovation allowed beginning of different chicken products: cut in uniform pieces, and divided by weight.

Vilnius poultry farm invested in new chicken calibration equipment and therefore can produce large quantities of calibrated products. Poultry farms can calibrate the following cuts: quarters, legs, thighs, drumsticks, wings, and their parts. The company is also equipped with modern machinery I-Cut – a vertical meat slicer, and Platino – a meat thinning installation and fresh meat carcass part sorting lines, TSM (Template Slicing Machine) – machine that produces uniform, value-added portions with optimal utilization of fillets.

Kaisiadorys poultry farm has invested in deeper processing technology, which enables to debone the thigh meat, remove sinews from the inner fillet, and prepare “Tulip” chicken wing shoulders.