About the business

On 2 June 1999, the UAB Kaisiadoriu Paukstyno Mazmena joint stock company was established.

UAB Kaisiadoriu Paukstyno Mazmena is a wide growing chain of buyer oriented specialised stores, currently consisting of 37 stores in different cities of Lithuania. In these stores, each customer will find a wide range of fresh products, polite service and a good mood.

These retail stores sell chicken products produced in the poultry farming companies: fresh chicken, chicken preparations and products, other food products such as chilled meat and meat preparations, bread, milk products, groceries and soft drinks. It is only in these stores that one will find acknowledged and branded bankuchens (layered cakes called šakotis), kibinai pastries and yogurt cakes.

Range of chicken products in branded stores:
•    Fresh chilled chicken: broiler chicken parts (drumsticks, thighs, wing parts, whole chickens)
•    Minced chicken meat
•    Marinated chicken
•    Chicken products: frankfurters (boiled and hot smoked), sausages (boiled and hot smoked), meat paste (boiled and roasted), hot smoked chicken parts, rolls (roasted, boiled, smoked).