Chicken Products made by Lithuanian Poultry Business Companies exported to 42 Countries


The production of Lithuanian poultry business companies is appealing not only in European and Scandinavian countries. At the beginning of this year, Lithuanian poultry business companies entered a new export market – Japan, to which the first shipment was dispatched in the summer. In October, poultry companies in Vilnius and Kaišiadorys belonging to the group of companies KG Group will dispatch the third shipment to this country.

According to Tautvydas Barštys, the chairman of the board of group of companies KG Group controlling Vilnius paukštynas and Kaišiadorys paukštynas, the volumes of export of Lithuanian chicken products increases every year. This is the result not only of the growth in regular export markets but also export activities in new markets.

“This year, as in the last year, we continue observing the growth of export of production of Vilnius and Kaišiadorys poultry companies. The turnover of export for the three quarters of this year increased by 11 per cent and amounted to 68.3 M EUR as compared to the results of the last year during the same period when the turnover was 61.6 M EUR, – T. Barštys tells, – We had approx. thirty export countries last year, and this year, the number exceeded 40.”

The export to Scandinavian countries increased by one third. Not only fresh chicken but also marinated products and ready-made products are exported to these countries. Export volumes to Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries doubled – a steady growth is observed.

Currently, Lithuanian chicken products are exported to 42 countries. The export was started to the countries such as Greece, Romania, Georgia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, also, Mauritius. A first shipment to Serbia was dispatched this week.

In the third quarter, the export of heat-treated chicken products to Japan was started.

“Export to Japan is the most significant step in export markets this year. Two shipments, i.e. over 26 tons of chicken products, have been already shipped and reached the client which is satisfied and is planning new orders. We plan to dispatch the third shipment of chicken products to Japan amounting to 20 tons at the end of this month. According to our forecasts, the export to this country should reach 100 tons by the end of the year,” – T. Barštys shares.

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