KG Group will reconstruct Domantoniai Poultry Farm for €900,000


Domantonių Paukštynas, UAB which is part of one of the largest food industry groups in the Baltic countries, KG Group, will invest €900,000 to renovate one of the eight existing poultry houses. The project, which is planned to be completed in 2020, has been allocated €400,000 under the Lithuanian Rural Development Program.

28/09/2018, Kaunas. Domantonys Poultry Farm belonging to KG Group currently operates seven poultry houses built in 1970. Two of them were renovated and equipped with innovative technologies to improve bird farming and living conditions in 2015, others – a decade ago. The eighth, currently unused, poultry house is set to be demolished and in its place there is going to be built a completely new and modern one with innovative and sustainable technologies.
“Animal welfare and the quality of poultry are essential components of our strategy. Poultry produced in Lithuania is popular among consumers. This investment will strengthen KG Group’s leadership and will guarantee jobs for employees living in Alytus District”, says Darius Gudačiauskas, Chief Executive Officer for Poultry Business of KG Group.

It is planned to replace the demolished old 1400 sq. m. poultry house with a new 2100 sq. m building where it will be possible to grow up to 40,000 chicken broilers, thus increasing the total amount of chickens grown by Domantonys Poultry Farm by 18%. Introduced innovative bird breeding technologies will also improve the conditions for keeping animals, will allow better control of the quality of production and increase the efficiency of the operation.
“As the largest poultry producer in the Baltic States, we are committed to introducing only the most advanced technologies in our poultry houses, ensuring the modernization of poultry houses, saving energy resources, improving working conditions for company employees, raising the quality standards of the entire poultry sector not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia and Estonia”, said Tautvydas Barštys, Chairman of the board of KG Group, which controls the Domantoniai Poultry Farm.

The modern bird house will be equipped with centrally managed heating, ventilation, climate control and lighting, as well as feeding and water supply systems, specially designed for KG Group by one of the world’s leading poultry technology leaders. The state-of-the-art equipment that has been purchased will help to ensure the welfare of bird breeding and efficient use of energy resources and reduce the risk of avian diseases. Grain towers that are planned to be purchased will help maintain a high quality of feed due to their technological characteristics. The complete bird feed produced by KG Group is one of the most important factors determining the quality of poultry. The KG Group’s poultry farms were the first Lithuanian bird breeders to offer Lithuanian chicken without antibiotics.
The project is planned to be completed in 2020.

About KG Group

AB Kauno Grūdai, Kaišiadorys and Vilnius poultry farms and subsidiaries are one of the largest, most modern and economically strongest food industry groups in the Baltic States. KG Group develops Lithuanian agriculture and its processing capacity, integrating different activities and providing complex services to farmers, processors and consumers of food products all over the world. KG Group employs more than 3,500 employees. For more information see

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