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KG Group plans 1.9 mln. EUR investment to renovate poultry farms

Group of companies KG Group, which manages poultry farms in Vilnius and Kaišiadorys, plans to invest around 1.9 mln. EUR in 2019 to renovate their poultry farms. The plan covers renovation of 20 poultry houses with the total area of approximately 35 thousand square metres.

We are the largest poultry producer in the Baltic states, which is counting already the sixth decade and has both old and new production units. “Over the recent years, we have been rapidly going towards transformation: revising processes, introducing innovative technologies, renovating poultry houses. We purposefully focused on modernisation in order to be able to offer a natural and high-quality product to our consumers from field to table,” – says Darius Gudačiauskas, Managing Director of KG Group's Poultry Business.

18 KG Group's poultry houses operating in Kaišiadorys district were renovated last year. This year renovation is planned at 20 poultry houses, operating in Rudamina, Vilnius district. Their total area is approximately 35 thousand square metres. Four poultry houses were renovated in March, and there are six more poultry houses where renovation has already started.

As D. Gudačiauskas notes, the process of renovation of the poultry houses includes introduction of modern raising technologies and update of equipment. In order to improve raising conditions for broilers, such work as floor renovation is performed as well. Internal wastewater system is undergoing renovation in the process of improving the level of biosafety.

KG Group poultry farms manage poultry houses of around 400 thousand square metres. Here up to 49 mln. barn broilers are raised freely in one year. Vilnius and Kaišiadorys' poultry farms raise 80% of broilers required for production at their own poultry houses, whereas the remaining part is raised by the Lithuanian farmers.

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