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Our Production in the Largest Danish Retail Chain

Vilnius and Kaišiadorys poultry companies controlled by KG Group are expanding the export of poultry meat to Scandinavian countries. The supply of fresh chicken to the largest Danish retail chain, the Salling Group, which controls almost 1,200 stores, began in September.

“The fact that our production reaches the largest chain stores in Scandinavian countries is a high praise for us. Scandinavia is particularly strict in examining product quality and safety. Each shipment is thoroughly examined by quality experts, undergoes testing and production traceability analysis. In these countries we are appreciated for unique chain from field to table, which covers the entire production process. We are not only the producer of chicken products but also the largest grower of chickens for fattening in the Baltic States. The fact that we control each process and can ensure their traceability, starting from growing, and can guarantee the quality helps us to further consolidate our position in these markets. We plan to continue expanding export in this direction since we still see growth possibilities,” Darius Gudačiauskas, the Managing Director of Poultry Business, says.

The largest Danish retail chain, the Salling Group, controls Netto, Bilka and Fotex stores. Tadas Sprindžiūnas, the Head of Commerce Service of KG Group Poultry Business, tells that before now frozen ready-to-eat products were supplied to this chain. Following more than 5 years of collaboration, a long-term agreement for the delivery of fresh meat was concluded. “This shows that the representatives of the retail chain were convinced of the quality of our production and we succeeded in gaining their trust and that of the customers,” - T. Sprindžiūnas tells.

KG Group controlled Vilnius and Kaišiadorys poultry companies also export steady batches of fresh chicken to other Scandinavian countries on the daily basis. In Sweden, Lithuanian fresh chicken is available in the largest retail chain, the ICA Gruppen, which controls 1,300 stores, since last year. In addition, in this country, KG Group chicken is delivered to Bergendahls stores and the largest Horeca sector wholesaler Martin & Servera, which controls warehouse-type (Cash & Carry ) stores. In Finland, the production from Vilnius and Kaišiadorys poultry companies is available in chain stores, such as Kesko, S Group, Kespro, etc. In total, KG Group controlled poultry companies export nearly 400 tons of production to Scandinavian countries: over 300 tons of fresh chicken and almost 100 tons of chicken products.

According to T. Sprindžiūnas, the Head of Commerce Service of KG Group Poultry Business, in case of supply of fresh meat, it is very important that the products would be fresh when delivered to other countries. “We are able to guarantee to our clients in Scandinavia and other European countries the efficient supply chain, which ensures that they will receive fresh production. The clients note that our biggest advantage is the fact that we grow chickens for fattening ourselves and then immediately process them and the production is delivered to them without any delays. Out chicken reaches our partners in the afore-mentioned countries on the same day, thus, the freshness is guaranteed,” T. Sprindžiūnas argues.

Vilnius and Kaišiadorys poultry companies export slightly more than half of their production to more than 50 countries. In 2018, Vilniaus paukštynas, AB and Kaišiadorių paukštynas, AB sales revenue in the local market amounted to 195.4 million EUR, export proceeds were 103.4 million EUR.

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